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  • i’m looking for a uk-based web host that i can use pommo with. my current host has their firewall configured to deny connections via http back to the same server. this is what i get when trying to test the background mailer:

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to www.oursitehere.com:80 (Connection refused) in /home/oursitehere.com/public_html/pommo/inc/classes/mailctl.php on line 93
    Notice: 1179604583 >>> Error Spawning Page! ** Errno : Errstr: 111 : Connection refused in /home/oursitehere.com/public_html/pommo/inc/classes/mailctl.php on line 113

    none of the hosts i’ve contacted will allow this either, citing ’security’ reasons.

    can anyone recommend a uk-based host that will allow this please? alternatively, is there a workaround i can use? i really want to use pommo.

    • We do allow fsockopen but would need to know prior to any signups the mass mail intentions and possible number of recipients along with frequency of mailing.

        UK MODX Hosting with love.