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  • If you are considering to order a VPS from Adiungo, you might want to read this first.

    SATURDAY MORNING (two days ago) - Ordered a VPS at Adiungo on Saturday.(the Deluxe VPS with Cpanel), $35/month. http://www.adiungo.com/hosting/

    Delivery was fast. In about two hours all was set up and ready to go. I started to add all my sites and it seemed to work real nice. Good response times and fast and smooth access.

    A hard days work to move my websites and databases from my old VPS at Godaddy.

    When all my sites where moved to the Adiungo VPS I started to check all configuration possibilities in the HSP control panel. I orderded the VPS with Cpanel and now I wanted to check out Cpanel as well. There was no trace of any Cpanel, so I wrote to support and asked how to access Cpanel on my VPS.

    In a couple of minutes I received a response from support. They said that they had initiated the installation of Cpanel and that I would take 1 hour. That was good, but during the installation of Cpanel, Mysql was shut down, so my websites became inaccessible. I didn’t get any prior notice - support decided to close my sites and go ahed with the Cpanel installation without asking for my permission.

    90 minutes later the VPS was reinstalled. The support sent a "wall message through SSH" and thereby they had informed me that the installation was finished. I tried to log into Cpanel, but there was no license generated at the Cpanel site so I couldn’t log in. Great! My websites are down, and now I cant access Cpanel. I wrote to support, and an hour later they had fixed the license so that I could log into Cpanel. Now I had to reconfigure my sites in Cpanel and move the data to a new folder (Cpanel is hosting the files in a different structure than the standard control panel). So I spent Sunday evening the same way as I spent Saturday evening, configuring and moving sites.Great successs!

    DOWNTIME DAY 2: Four hours due to the fact that support forgot to install Cpanel before delivery of the VPS, and due to the fact that support decided to start Cpanel install without prior notice and my permission.

    DAY 3 - MONDAY

    At 15.28 my VPS suddenly went down. I’m using an uptime monitoring service which alerted me instantely.

    Some e-mails I sent to support and their answers

    15:51 ME -> SUPPORT: My VPS is inaccessible. Why is that? Extremely slow ssh connection, website connection is timing out.

    15:55 SUPPORT -> ME: Currently we are workihg with this issue. It will be resolved within 30 minutes.

    15:57 ME -> SUPPORT: That’s good, but I would you to explain why this is happening. Is this normal behavior for the service you are offering? I need a hosting solution that I could rely on, so please give me an honest answer.

    17:43 SUPPORT -> ME: We have fixed the issue. Could you please check your VPS now? The issue was caused by severe server overload by one of the clients’ hung VPS. After restarting it server load has greatly decreased to the normal value.

    18:26 ME -> SUPPORT: No, it seems to be down. Please fix this.

    18:33 SUPPORT -> ME: Thank you for your enquiry. Please check your site now. Thank you for using our services.

    19:53 ME -> SUPPORT: No, it is still down!

    20:07 SUPPORT -> ME: Thank you for your enquiry.PLease provide us what appications do you use at your VPS.

    20:52 ME -> SUPPORT: What do you mean by this??? I can’t understand this question. Why would you like know what applications I use at my VPS? The VPS is down. Doesn’t respond to ssh and status "unavailable" in the control panel. I run standard apache and Mysql. I just want you to make sure the VPS is up and running. You have written twice that the problem is solved, but that is not true. How can you say the problem is solved, when the VPN is down?

    At 20:59 I contacted Live Support, this is the chat log:

    [Operator] hello how can i help you?
    [Customer]My vps have been down for five hours. Support doesn’t seem to care about this and no one answers the phone.
    [Operator] sorry, but we don’t provide supprot by telephone
    [Operator] what is the number of your ticket?
    [Operator] your issue will be resolved in 20 minutes
    [Customer] You said that 5 hours ago
    [Customer] How can you write me twice and say that everything works, when the VPS status is down in the control panel?

    Didn’t get any more response, so I tried to get an answer to my last question again at 21:15.

    [Operator] Hello, how may I help you?
    [Visitor] [Ticket#XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] I would like to know how you can write to me twice and say that everything works, when the vps is down and status unavailable in the control panel?
    The operator has ended the chat. Thanks for contacting us.

    Right now time is 00:17. My VPS have been down for 9 hours. Status in control panel is now destroyed. I have moved all my sites again, now to another hosting provider. This is the third day in a row, I spend the evening moving all my sites smiley (lot of fun moving sites, greeeat success!!!). No one seems to be on the Adiungo 24/7 live support any more. I guess their working day ends at 9 or 10 p.m. Their website says: (Customer support | On-line chat | Call to ORDER +41 79.4645.709 YOU CAN CALL US 24/7). Isn’t that great! You can call Adiungo 24/7!!! That’s truth. True is also that no one will answer the phone 24/7.

    Adios Adiungo