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    Five Four screenshots of TreasureChest’s backend

    The module entry page:

    The product manager:

    New screenshot added on July 20, 2010
    Editing one product:
    Note: 8 options (instead of 2) will be available with TreasureChest 1.3

    The configuration page:

    The sales manager:

    Frontend (also see the online demo)
    New screenshot added on July 20, 2010
    A demo voucher (very detailed) displayed on the "Thank you" page.
    Vouchers can be simpler than this one and styled to look exactly the way you want.
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      Small fix for TreasureChest 1.2 users (other versions not affected)

      At the end of line 106 in treasurechest.js is a call to the selectCartOpt() function.
      function storeCartOption(a) .... window.parent.selectCartOpt(a.name,a.value);

      Rename selectCartOpt to selectCartOption.

      The script here assumed that a function selectCartOpt() was present in the parent page of the cart view, i.e. in the page that displays your product or catalogue. This function had same content as the selectCartOption that you find in treasurechest.js.
      By renaming the function call, you don’t need to insert anymore the selectCartOpt function in the parent page.
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        Bug fix for TreasureChest 1.0 to 1.3

        This concerns internationalization.

        In treasurechest.class.php, in the first lines of the TreasureChest(...) function, replace $this->path by $path;

          $local = $modx->config['manager_language'];
                $tc_lang_file = $this->path.'lang/treasurechest.'.$local.'.php';
                if (file_exists($tc_lang_file)) include $tc_lang_file;
                else include $path.'lang/treasurechest.english.php';
                $this->lang = $tc_lang;

          $local = $modx->config['manager_language'];
                $tc_lang_file = $path.'lang/treasurechest.'.$local.'.php';

        Explanation: This is necessary for the right language file to be loaded (if not English).
        The reason for this change is that the $path variable is set in the function and not at the class level.

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          Patches for TreasureChest 1.3 installation files Thanks Enzo!

          In index.xx.php (where xx is either en / fr / de ):

          1) Line 307 or 309. No space after 2nd asterisk.
          /* --- end of addition ---* /
          /* --- end of addition --- */

          2) Line 221. Add ending slash.
          <input type="hidden" name="tc_directive" value="" />
          <input type="hidden" name="tc_directive" value="" >

          3) French version only (Line 287):
          Search in index.fr.php for `option_value_7 and add a closing back-tick: `option_value_7`
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            Typographic error on option index in the French language file of TreasureChest 1.3

            This only affects the French language file of TreasureChest 1.3, which is located in the "lang" subfolder.

            If you already installed TreasureChest in French, you can easily correct this using phpMyAdmin.

            Replace / Remplacez:
            $tc_lang[’opt_name_8’] = ’Option 10, Nom’;
            $tc_lang[’opt_name_8.i’] = ’OPTIONNEL: - Nom du dixième champ optionnel pour le produit.’;

            By / Par:
            $tc_lang[’opt_name_9’] = ’Option 10, Nom’;
            $tc_lang[’opt_name_9.i’] = ’OPTIONNEL: - Nom du dixième champ optionnel pour le produit.’;
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              Just completed translating TreasureChest to Dutch.
              The language file will be included in the next release.
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                On your official site the TreasureChest docs claim that all the placeholders available from the original 1.0 version can be found on the original site (treasurechestcart.com), therefore you haven’t listed them. However the original site with documentation is no longer active. Are you planning (or do you for those who have bought the upgrade) provide full documentation including a list of all available placeholders?
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                  I’m aware of this issue with treasurechestcart.com being no longer active and yes I plan to supplement the online documentation on my website.

                  Currently, the list of placeholders with their description is available on my website under the "placeholders" tab for the "cart" and "pdt" service but lacks for the default "show product" service. The only browser I know that is able to show the tables with the placholders description is Opera. I assume that this comes from its caching mechanism. With other browsers, as the documentation is very deeply nested, the content of some documents never surfaces.

                  In consequence I plan a major change in the documentation structure, which is going to be flattened a lot, but I cannot find time for this right now. The fact that the documentation is available in three languages increases the amount of work.
                  I plan to improve the documentation during winter holidays. You can expect it for the beginning of 2011 (most probably in February).

                  Currently, I can provide a full list of placeholders to those who bought the 1.2 or 1.3 version.
                  The role of each placeholder is not described in the list, although it can be guessed in most cases.

                  For those speaking French, I can also provide a list of placeholders where the role of each placeholders is explained.

                  Be aware that TreasureChest is currently not that easy to use.
                  Ok if you have time enough and if you do not fear to get your hands dirty.

                  This should improve in the future, but this month I’m lacking time for this.

                  For those who hesitate, I would recommend trying TreasureChest 1.0 that you find in the MODx Extras.
                  The documentation on my website clearly distinguishes the 1.1+ placeholders from those that were already avalaible with the 1.0 version.

                  You can start building a TreasureChest 1.0 e-commerce and enhance its possibilities later by replacing its scripts with those of the 1.3 version. Basically the way you build your shop is the same with the miscellaneous versions.
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                    For those interested in TreasureChest 1.0 documentation, it can be found on archive.org:

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                      I have just received a paypal notification related to the use of SHA-256 with IPN.

                      Not sure about what to do, there is a long documentation about transistion :

                      Can you help me with this ?