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  • Hi

    I was hoping some one could tell me if it is possibly to:

    Add a “paid membership sign in area” to a site created in Modx. I want the membership area to be linked to an e-commerce / merchant facility. I wish to add a paid membership area so it operates seamlessly. Users use their email address as ttheir user name and create their own password, they pay for membership as they process through and when the bank has verified payment the member is sent a link with access to the secure area where they can log in.

    I have been told its probably not possibly in Modx, and just wanted to know if any one has done this and if so how? As from a users point of view I am not really keen on moving off Modx I really like this platform

    My site is www.showmummythemoney.com.au

    Cheer Sonia

    • Don’t see why it couldn’t be done with a plugin (use the OnBeforeWebSaveUser event), or at the very worst a custom registration snippet/module combination. After all, it’s just a matter of getting the applicant’s details, putting him through a payment gateway, then entering the details into the database upon a return of success from said gateway.
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      • Hi Susan

        Thanks for your reply, with out sounding too stupid where would I go to find such a plugin? My web guys designed my site and I am just doing a little of my own research on this one to work out whats involved, not sure if its a DIY (do it yourself) situation - sounds complex... so I might have to get them involved, so I would love to be able to suggest what needs to be done... cheers and thanks for your speedy reply - this one has me a little stressed out! Thanks again ! Sonia
        • Foxy Cart has this feature and will integrate with MODx:
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          • Greetings ShowMummytheMoney,

            I just built a MODx website that has a paid subscription membership area using FoxyCart (http://www.foxycart.com). Here’s a link to the first page in the sign up process:


            Essentially the way the snippet works is that the visitor seeking a membership first signs up using MODx’s Web Signup snippet (http://bosufitness.com/membership-sign-up-step-1). Upon successfully signing up, they land on a success page where they then login (MODx’s Web Login snippet) using their newly created username and password (http://bosufitness.com/membership-sign-up-step-2). At this point in the process, they don’t have access to the secure area of the site, but rather they have now have access to click on a link for payment (which requires logging in to access this link). The snippet on this login page then recognizes their username and password (because they’re logged in) and passes that information to the FoxyCart checkout page. Upon successfully paying, FoxyCart passes info back to MODx telling MODx that the member signing up has now paid and can get access to the secure info.

            It’s a great snippet and works well with MODx...my customer is really happy with it.
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            • We’ve actually added something that’d make this a little more seamless since we did it initially (which is what flinx has set up). We added a hash of the password to the XML datafeed, which would effectively allow a "shared" password (which would in turn allow a MODx webuser to be created automatically from the information the customer entered on checkout). If that’s something you could pull off yourself, have at it. Otherwise maybe continue this other thread and we’ll see what we can get going.
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