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  • Does anyone know how to use the Scriptalicious Shopping Cart (demo here: http://demo.script.aculo.us/shop )
    and Paypal within MODX?

    I have been looking for a simple shopping cart for the site I am working on. The site is not an ecommerce site, so using Foxy Cart or another full ecommerce solution is maybe a bit too much. The site will offer a few items for fundraising purposes (calendar, t-shirt etc.) and so Paypal should work just fine for the payment.

    Any ideas on how to make that work- or is there another solution for MODX that I missed?

    • For simple paypal buttons, just insert their generated code into your page.

      For a more extensive, ajax-driven shopping cart solution, you might also want to explore http://foxycart.com/ in conjunction with ditto to create a catalog. Examples can be found at http://ellieandollie.com, http://corganics.com and even http://modxcms.com/commercial-support.html.
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      • I really like FoxyCart- they did a beautiful job and I would use that service in a heartbeat if I was making a full on e commerce site. In fact, the next project that I work on will probably be perfect for Foxycart.

        I will probably just use Paypal buttons- but what I was after was neat, simple way for a person to aggregate purchases in a small fundraising section of a website. Since the website is not e commerce and will not likely have much traffic or purchases, I just wanted a simple solution rather than a full e commerce site. I don’t know if Paypal buttons allow a person to choose more than one item and pay for them at the same time though, so I was looking around and saw the scriptalicious drag and drop interface for a shopping cart- but don’t know how that is implemented- how does it pass the information of its contents to a pay button for instance? Or does anyone know of a simple way to do this?

        Paypal buttons are probably the best solution in my case though.