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  • Hi,
    Here an alpha version of a MODx Plugin to use the Spongestats stats system.
    I can’t test it on a live server for the moment so if you can do this test for me, an report any problems it will be great !

    * Instructions :
    * - Install Spongestats at the root of your site  e.g. yoursite root/spongestats/
    * /!\ The Spongestats tables MUST be on the same database as MODx
    * - Copy the spongestats folder in your assets/plugins/ folder
    * - Create a new plugin named Spongestats
    * - Copy/Paste this code in it
    * - Config Parameters :
    *  &dbSPS_prefix=SPS table prefix if not sps_;string;   //OPTIONAL
    * - Check the OnWebPagePrerender event
    * - Save
    * - To see the stats go to "yoursite root/spongestats/"

    • I found a more simple option for this plugin (thx Perrine wink )

      $e = &$modx->Event;
      switch ($e->name) {
              case 'OnWebPagePrerender':
               @include_once( $modx->config['base_path']."spongestats/stats.php" );
              default :
      • Thanks Laurent for the plugin but also for introducing SpongeStats, didn’t know it, looks very nice : straight to the point, ajaxified interface... I’ll definitely check it out smiley
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        • Nice plugin!

          You can add a check on "Log stats" feature of the document to make it follow more precisely.

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          • I was testing Spongestats, and I’m not that excited, so I was looking into other solutions and found FireStats. I implemented it in the same way as Laurent did for Spongestats, the instructions are here: http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,19575.0.html Thanks Laurent!

            Maybe others like to check it out too, and compare it to other solutions, like Slimstat. To compare either Spongestats and FireStats with Slimstat, you can just add the following line to your Spongestats/FireStats plugin code, assuming Slimstat is already installed:

             @include_once( $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/assets/plugins/slimstat/inc.stats.php" );