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  • Connection to host: passed... Checking database: failed - modx does not exist!

    That is the message I get when trying to set up my second modx site. On my first site I had a few problems and it was to do with the folder "databases" I was then asked to choose my type of php and put a file into the folder and edit another file. It worked fine.

    Does anyone know how I solve this problem?


    • That means there’s not a database named "modx". MODx does not contain a "databases" folder that I can think of off the top of my head, so it sounds more like a server configuration issue.
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      • Jonny; One problem with different ISPs (hosting service) is that there is nothing consistent about their control panels. Or what your web root folder is named.
        So #1 for you is get to your hosting providers control panel, look for a tab or button labeled "Databases" or similar and go about creating a database named: "MODx"
        For #2 be sure of where your web root folder is. For example on my ISP it is;
        /domains/mydomainname.com/html/ and the html folder is the root folder where MODx had to be installed.
        Did this help any ?
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