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  • Hi, Everyone. I’ve been tasked with finding a new CMS for the web firm at which I work as a web developer. Someone referred me to ModX as a free open source solution, and I am quite impressed! There are a couple things I’m looking for, though, that I’m not sure MODx supports. Can anyone help me address these issues?

    -- Multisite deployment? I’ve heard this is possible with MODx, but not easy. What’s the status? Can I just have one instance of MODx to serve all of our clients? That would be much better than having to rollout this installation hundreds of times.

    -- Structured content. A lot of our clients have specific needs for structured content, i.e. an "Our Team" page, in which they punch in several fields, (name of employee, biography, picture, email address, etc.), leaving the user responsible for only providing the data, not styling it in the WYSIWYG editor as a big blob. Of course, there are other needs for structured content, too.. calendars, class listings, dinner menus, you name it. Does MODx offer any out-of-the-box support for these needs? Are there any modules out there that would allow me to create these kinds of custom content classes?

    -- Template variables. I really like the idea. Is there anyway to put an evaluation in your template to say "display this TV only if page is ... " Or do I have to make a separate template for each page that will use or not use it? Seems like an awful lot of duplicate code. Would it make sense to use a snippet to get the current page and determine whether or not to display that TV or not? And if so, what code to I need to determine the current page?

    Thanks a lot for your help!!
    • Multisites is definitely on the radar, but is not supported today. It should be possible with 097 which will be publicly previewed soon thanks to it’s "contexts". (Search around here for more...)

      Structured Conent: that’s what TVs are for

      Conditional TVs: that’s what @BINDINGs are for (or snippets or plugins ... you’ll find MODx allows you to do the same thing about 3 or 4 different ways)

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      • Okay, let me make sure I’m understanding this correctly. For structured content... let’s say I’m making that "Our Team" page.

        I’d need to make a new template that includes several of these TV’s in the content area. So I’d make one [*name*] as a simple text field, [*bio*] as a wysiwyg, etc..

        Then to make new pages, you use that template and the user clicks on each TV in the front end, gets a popup and enters the info. That’s pretty good.

        What if you wanted to have a list view, though? Where each person’s name would be listed and you could click through to get the bio, etc? Would this require writing a custom snippet?

        • To build document listing, ditto is all you need smiley

          About conditionnal stuff have a look at PHx.

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