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  • Hi. I just installed the latest MODx and was getting the site initially set up. Trouble is, I don’t quite get how to do the following. (I think I’m just missing something obvious...but not sure.)

    Here’s what I want:
    5 different sections. Home, A, B, C D. I want group members to be able to change their pages, but no one else’s. For example, group A users would only be able to add or edit to the A section, and nothing else. I also want all the editing done on the front end with the quickedit, with only web user accounts--no manager accounts. The problems is, if i assign a document to a doc group, then it’s not publicly available, even though it needs to be. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong and how to achieve what I want? (If I can even do this.)

    • Please consult:


      A quick tip, Web users cant do editing/creating but Manager users do.
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      • Thanks zi. I had a feeling what I wanted wasn’t quite doable. I was sorta leaning on the fact that I would have to use the manager. There is no problem with that (and It ends up better for the users), but I wanted to see if I could simplify it anymore. (Simply because, most of the content managers in my organization would probably be overwhelmed by the manager.) Now that I see I can slim down the manager this will be much better.