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  • Hi

    I am finished my first site in modx and i got a few questions for future sites.

    Where is best place to keep the css files. basically i have been keeping them in the default templates folder and editing them with bbedit from the server to make changes. Is this the best way to do it or can i load the css into modx to edit it, like in the tree or somewhere.

    If i am using a tv a few times in throughout the site. say like a i used my footer in a tv. if i edited some text in this tv from the manager, it should change the tv throughout the site? It doesn’t do this on my site. Should it?

    Can a chunk be edited from quickedit?

    • I personally stick all my CSS files in assets/site/

      Editing a TV only changes the instance on the page which you edited it. Perhaps you meant to use the TV’s default value or a chunk (which are currently not editable via quick edit).
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      • cheers rthrash.