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  • Hello,

    I’ve tried and tried, but I can’t get my MODx sites that are hosted on TextDrive to display friendly URLs.

    I’ve read the documentation and I’ve done it several times on sites hosted on our server...but I can’t get it to work on TextDrive.

    MODx Wiki

    Any ideas how to make MODx sites display friendly URLs on TextDrive? What would be different?

    (I posted in the forums on TextDrive several days ago, but nothing yet.)

    Where would I begin to look to solve the problem?

    • Sam,

      I’m hosting on txd as well and run Modx 0.95 with friendly urls, so it is possible. AFAIK I haven’t done anything other than the friendly url settings in Modx and using the standard .htaccess.

      • It’s great to know it will work! Thanks.

        Hmmm...any ideas?

        I just enabled ’friendly URLs’ on another host...no problem. I tried once again on TextDrive. No dice.

        I’ll keep trying.

        • Did you rename the ht.access file to .htaccess?
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