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  • I can never get my head around a new application without staring at a printed page to use alongside the keyboard. huh So I copied all the current docs (2007/01/02) and put them/it into a PDF file, zipped over to Kinkos and bam! - printed double sided and neatly coil bound.
    If you feel the same - enjoy. grin
    Whoops! Sorry the PDF is too big to upload (Ryan is going to do that) but here is the OpenOffice file I used to make the PDF.
    (Factoid: Did you know that OpenOffice Writer will make PDF files from almost any kind of document? That beats paying Adobe many $$$ for Acrobat.)
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    • Many thanks for this! I, too, prefer to have a printed manual to study from. Even in this world of electronic paper nothing beats having a tangible book to hold on to. smiley
      • Thanks to Acrobat Pro, I’ve compressed a version and attached it to your original post. Thanks for doing this!
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        • Haven’t seen this: Portable documentation?

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          • Thanks.
            Glossing over this reminds me that some of these graphics need to be updated.
            Zi took some AWESOME screenshots of 0.9.5 and put them in the wiki
            Eventually I suppose those should make it into the MODxcms.com/documentation pages.

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            • Thanks All for the comments. I know Acrobat will create a smaller file than OO Write - it’s just that I don’t have the $299.00 for it when OO Writer is Free $00.00.
              In reading over the printed Documents - I began to see how mixed up and confusing it is (I apologize ahead of time for ’stepped upon toes’.)
              with duplicate material in different sections that do not quite match in meaning, explanations that don’t explain and so on. When I was in the military the mantra for anyone complaining or pointing out a problem was/is "So what is your solution? Don’t bring me problems without solutions!" Therefore - I am retired and have the time, - I am willing to work on getting the Documentation in shape - with plenty of help from the original authors. So bring it on.
              Cheers grin
                "Today’s headlines are nothing more than whispers of history"
              • No toes stepped on. smiley That’s (what I hope is one of) the great things about our community. You saw a need and stepped up and made it happen. I’m embracing it, happen to have Acrobat Pro so I squished it down and here it is. Thanks and definitely looking forward to "proper and complete" documentation wrangled into shape. smiley
                  Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
                  Follow me on Twitter at @rthrash or catch my occasional unofficial thoughts at thrash.me
                • I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for the effort. I’m always pressed for time at work and never have the time to go through the documentation. But when I’m on the train heading for home, there’s plenty of time but no internet connection, so this portable guide will be perfect for my laptop! smiley
                  • Just a quick pointer - Adobe Reader 8 introduces (finally) Booklet Printing. If you have a duplex printer, this is really neat because it reduces pages down and rearranges the pages so that they are in the right order for when you fold the sheets in half. If you have to print one side and then the other, it’s still fairly easy.

                    And indeed, the main problem with the current documentation is that it is lots of bits of useful information that just fall short of a coherent and complete whole - which is highlighted by this useful and commendable attempt to group it together.

                    I think the best plan for a collected documentation would be:

                    1) Add missing pages to wiki.
                    2) Update wiki.
                    3) Copy most important pages from wiki into word processor.
                    4) Arrange into some sensible order (possibly the hardest part).
                    5) Edit down to remove duplication (anything said twice is ditched the second time if it isn’t needed).
                    6) Publish.
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                    • After a year again i came back to this topic, While reading i was thinking of a book about nearly everything in MODx, Is it too early for that?!, So... Anyone interested in cooperation to write a book about MODx ?, I think it is done in Japanese! but how about English?, I know that i can adjust the publisher for this but is there anyone in a writing for MODx mood?
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