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  • We’re in the midst of some last minute tweaks to the demo content for the imminent Tech Preview 3.3 release. If you’ve seen the demo at opensourcecms.com, then you’ve seen a preview of what’s to come. Check back again soon for the download!

    FYI, here’s  some of the things coming:

    MODx2 TP3.3 (October 25, 2005)
    * additional minor bug fixes, tweaks and updates
    * preliminary testing indicates everything works in MySQL 5.0
    * new French translation file
    * NewsFeed RSS2.0 snippet allows functional HTML and links, closes open tags on summaries and validates
    * allow mixed case Friendly URL aliases
    * update the DIV class name surrounding RTEs in front end
    * new DropMenu menu builder snippet
    * new demo Site Content option in the installer
    * updated capabilities in NewsListing, UserComments and NewsFeed snippets
    * new Contact email form snippet
    * update to QuickEdit module functionality and features
    * update fckeditor 2.1.1 release
    * web user error fixes
    * added script.aculo.us and Win IE webstandards compatibility code
    * fix webuser name length limitation (Bug #59)
    * fix RTE sizing bug that caused RTE to overlap Submit buttons in Firefox
    * Another experimental menu layout in Manager
    * fixed bug in login prcoessor
    * update language, tv, accesscontrol.inc.php
    * update snippet and plugin to use word wraping on textarea
    * update chunks, template to use FCK’s RTE
    * BUG #84 - Fixed login captcha bypass (Mark)
    * NewsFeed now defaults to &makerss=1
    * update NewsListing with news features (Ryan & Greg)
    * #msg6246 - update NewsFeed to support valid RSS2.0 tags (Mark)
    * add &linktext support to NewsListing snippet
    * add &tpl (chunk name) template support to NewsListing snippet. Fields - [+title+],[+summary+],[+author+],[+date+],[+linkurl+]
    * load gd2 dynamically when using captcha
    * fix cache path bug in cache_sync.class.processor.php
    * add &aliastitle to NewsPublisher
    * fix:#64 - makeURL is acting up when aliases are on and off.
    * prevent duplicate alias when importing html
    * fix bug when saving web user
    * remove .cgi files from manager\media\browser\mcpuk\connectors\php\Commands\helpers
    * fix TV checkbox delimiter bug
    * add &groups parameter to WebSignup Snippet
    * add Manager Interface Access to to manager user settings
    * add Manager Login Startup to manager user settings
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