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  • Due to a password fishing attempt, we’ve had to block access to our server to a potentially large block of AOL users located behind AOL’s proxy While this may seem heavy handed, juvenile if not potentially criminal acts like this quite simply won’t be tolerated. If you too received a password reset attempt in your inbox that you did not perform recently, please report it here, and if possibly, please copy the date/time in your message.
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      Sigh! Thus another reason not to use AO-Hell! The number of phishing emails and whatnot off of AOL surpasses just about any service provider out there. My advice? If you’re using AOL now...I would suggest getting a different service provider. If you are a web developer and/or designer, it’s probably best that you use a service provider with less frills. On top of that, if you host your own website it’s suggested that you use your hosting providers e-mail server rather than relying on your service provider. Just a thought. smiley
        Jeff Whitfield

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