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  • A well hidden "secret" is the conditional templates available in getResources and pdoResources.

    You can define the resource field for the tplCondition and a JSON object as conditionalTpls with keys representing the condition value which determines the tpl to use.

    This reduces the need to use the slow modifiers to an equivalent job and speeds up the web site. Enjoy!
    • Not much of a secret and I'm sure most of you already do this, but I usually add TVs within the head of a template which is available to all resources to give pin-point control to the site editor as far as title, description, etc for SEO. For instance, the meta code might look something like:

      <base href="[[++site_url]]" />
      <meta name="description" content="[[*MetaDescription]]" />

      ...etc. Now, each page can have the meta information tweaked to the editor's heart's content.
      • Quote from: Tiger at Apr 03, 2011, 07:13 PM
        Great stuff thanks!

        After some more research, I've managed to put together a PHP only solution from different sources. It requires the user to enter their timezone on registration and uses that info when they log-in. I have attached a text file with a PHP example (uses a form instead of database info). I hope this will be of use to someone.

        The time.txt file that Tiger was sharing now goes to a broken link page, in fact any attachment in the forums goes to a broken link page. can someone fix
        • I use too much IF plugin