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  • I am wanting to move web hosting company... I currently have 1 Modx website running evolution 1.4.8.

    The web hosting company I wish to move to say the don't support Modx websites running image magical plugin... Do you know if evolution 1.4.8 uses imagemagick plug in?

    Would there be any other questions I need to ask a new hosting company in order to host a Modx website?

    Thanks very much, I would really appreciate any help with this question.

    • Minimum requirements are on http://docs.evo.im/en/01_info/10_more/trebovaniya_k_hostingu.html but if it comes with phpthumb it will probably need it.
      • Hi Paul,

        Thanks very much... I can see phpthumb in there so I assume it needs it! Is there any other way around it? Something else to use?

        Thanks very much again.