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    I'm hoping I can find some help here, or perhaps a developer/agency I can call. My ModX site is version 1.0.15. We recently moved over to a VPS where we could set our PHP version to 5.6. On that move, the path for our site changed, but the database credentials remained the same. We've fixed several places so the site actually came back up and we can get into the admin.

    Half of my website shows content errors. It displays `+] and `:else=``+] all over the screen on some pages instead of the actual content, while other pages display normal.

    In the admin section of those pages that show these symbols, I see the actual content. Yet on the front end, only these symbols show.

    Please help anyone who may know how to fix this
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      My suggestion:

      Put it on a local server WAMP, XAMPP, MAMP etc.

      Once loaded and working in the appropriate PHP version, upgrade to the latest Evo version 1.4.8

      You will probably have to update all of the snippets etc.

      Once up and running, move it to the live server

      If you are looking for a developer to help you, try posting in the Evo GitHub