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  • Hi, somehow I can not access a user, that is logged in via frontend in my custom processor.

    I login a user with


    And if I check via frontend, the user is logged in. I can access user object, get id, username etc.

    But if I try to access user via processor


    i become anonymus user with id 0 etc.

    The processor is working in 'web' context. At least,


    returns 'web'. But I've tryed to login user to both 'web' and 'mgr' contexts - same results.

    On other hand, if there is a user logged in into manager, my processor returns this manager user, not depending if there is a user logged in in frontend.

    How can I access a frontend user in processor? Thx.
    • It sounds like this is you're own processor. How are you calling it (runProcessor(), via your own connector, via the MODX connector)?
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