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    Update error 2.7.0

    Hello everybody. There was a problem when I was upgrading to 2.7.0.
    I have a simple application that consists of an index, a login and a private panel.
    The problem appeared when I upgraded to version 2.7.0. The application is modifying the url when I'm logged in to the private panel.
    For example, if the url to an avatar is "myapp.local / assets / component / myapp / images / site / avatar.png" the system is changing the url to "myapp.com/controlpanel/assets/component/myapp/images /site/avatar.png ".
    This also happens with the stylesheets css and js scripts, like this:
    "myapp.local / assets / component / myapp / css / boostrap.css" changes to "myapp.local / controlpanel / assets / component / myapp / css / boostrap.css"
    "myapp.local / assets / component / myapp / js / jquery-1.11.0.js" changes to "myapp.local / controlpanel / assets / component / myapp / js / jquery-1.11.0.js"

    Does anyone have any idea what's happening?
    Thank you!
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      Unfortunately there are no ideas, but could you please post issue here: https://github.com/modxcms/revolution/issues I hope community(guys are working hard with these versions now) will help you.
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        Take a look at your .htaccess file to see if "controlpanel" is in there anywhere.

        Also, try visiting with your browser in private or incognito mode to make sure it's not a browser cache or cookie problem.
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