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    What are the MODX community's thoughts about adding auto-configuration options to the MODX 3 installer?

    If you get a moment, please share your opinions about this feature request on the Github issue:

    ### Summary
    It would be great if MODX 3 could include configuration options in the installer. These options would provide a richer starting point for developing a project with MODX.
    For example, if selected, a multi-lingual site could be configured automatically while MODX is installed. A similar concept to what the MultiLangSetup extra does. Or if a blog is needed, it could be configured automatically using the appropriate extras which would be downloaded during setup.

    ### Why is it needed?
    There is no one size fits all and that's especially true with how customizable MODX is. This is certainly one of it's main strengths. However, it can be daunting for newcomers to be presented with a blank slate. In addition, for MODX veterans it would be incredibly useful to have time-saving functions such as these.
    I believe this would help to grow the community by making the first few steps more user friendly.

    ### Suggested solution(s)
    I propose this is added via configuration scripts in the MODX installer. Required extras for the various setups would be downloaded on demand. For example, a multilingual site might need Babel and LangRouter installed and then contexts/settings configured.

    This change to the installer only adds extra options and if not selected, a blank MODX site would be installed exactly the way it is currently.

    * What do you, the community, think about the proposition?

    * If for it, what configuration setups should be included?

    * Which extras should be used for each option?

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