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  • Hi, I've sites based on both evo and revo, on revo there is an option Security - Flash all sessions, so i can cancel all old manager sessions (2 programmers worked on site), on evo i dont see this option, if i only change password - they still have an access to website, until they log out, so my question is how to flush all manager (administratior) sessions (not user sessions) in admin panel on evo site. Clearing cache did't help. Or maybe manager sessions are automatically cleaned after some time? But i don't think so. Please advise how to fix. Thanks
    • All Evo discussion I believe is on github for Evo, but if you tell us which version you are running someone possibly might be able to help.


      You also might see if there is a slack for Evo, that would be faster
      • Hi, it is 1.4.7
        • Ok maybe someone will come along, but i really don't know as Evo conversation isn't really happening here anymore.

          Also pls try this slack here, probably the best way to get an answer

          • https://evocmf.slack.com/ is the right workspace. But you have to get a login for this.
            • Thanks Jako I wasn't sure.
              • fourroses666 Reply #7, 1 year ago
                I can invite you if you send your mailaddress private or here.
                  Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley