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  • What would be a good way to hash image filenames? I want to prevent a potential hacker from gathering specific information that could be used against us.

    NOTE: I know my code has background-image misspelled. When I spell it correctly, the forum adds additional code to my text for some reason. lol

    Let's say I have this:
    <div class="photo" style="backgrund-image: url('/assets/pictures/team/[[*MyID:default=`default`]].jpg');">
        <img src="/assets/pictures/team/[[*MyID:default=`default`]].jpg" alt="[[*pagetitle]]">

    Which outputs to this:
    <div class="photo" style="backgrund-image: url('/assets/pictures/team/Jeff1.jpg');">
        <img src="/assets/pictures/team/Jeff1.jpg" alt="Jeff's Bio">

    Suppose I have dozens of users with bios like this, but I don't want someone to be able to pull all our usernames just from using the element inspector. I tried using the output filter md5, [[*MyID:md5:default=`default`]], which resulted in broken image links:
    <div class="photo" style="backgrund-image: url('/assets/pictures/team/933e66335a0397da1d8e324b2815428e.jpg');">
        <img src="/assets/pictures/team/933e66335a0397da1d8e324b2815428e.jpg" alt="Jeff's Bio">

    How can I do this correctly so that MODX knows how to find this file? Or is there a better way?

    Thanks in advance!
    [ed. note: jeffsydor last edited this post 11 months, 3 weeks ago.]
    • Is this around what you might be possibly asking about?

      A PHP file that would manage your image/file requests.

      So, a http request to

      Would be dehashed and addressed to

      Look here for inspiration and further search keywords

      The issue is that once the image or its cloak has been served to the greedy internet, the toothpaste is already out the tube.

      Your bestest bet is to nip the issue before it is an issue.
      If this were an issue for me, I'd force all uploads through a PHP script that renamed the files right there on the server.
      So that, my-wifes-maiden-name.jpg before upload becomes 2323232332u32iu3823u23u2832y38y823u82832832832323.jpg on the server.
      And of course I'd lock up access to that folder to prevent renaming or some sort of mishap.

      But it seems you might be dealing with an already established system ...
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        5 ways to sniff / hack your own sites; even with renamed/hidden folders, burst them all up, to see how secure you are not.
      • I think pThumb does this for you. Gallery may as well.

        You can also prevent direct access to images with directives in .htaccess: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3990337/how-to-protect-against-direct-access-to-images
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