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    Revo 2.7.0

    I've been struggling with something which I know isn't (or shouldn't be) difficult, so any insight is appreciated.

    The Goal: To allow the "editor" user-group to view a (rich-text) TV but not edit/save it. That's it.

    I have given the "editor" group
    permission but not edit or save (TV) permission.

    The Problem: While they can view the TV (good) they can also edit/save it (bad).

    In all other respects I have the "editor" permissions dialed-in, everything else is working exactly as I need it to... except this irritating TV nonsense.

    Am I correct in assuming this is a permissions issue? Or do I need to create an Element Category Access entry? Or something else?

    Very frustrated.
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      Are you sure the Editors aren't given a Policy that contains edit and save TV permissions in another ACL entry for the 'mgr' context? Are you sure they don't also belong to some other User Group where they're getting that permission?

      Did you flush permissions and log out all users before testing?

      Is the Policy where you've removed the permissions a context policy? If it applies, it should prevent them from editing or saving any TVs.

      If you want to protect just that one TV from being edited and not others, you'd have to create an Element Category Access entry.

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