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  • Hi smiley

    I'm using this very nice JsonFormBuilder addon to build quickly complex form.
    I just move a website from another server which running php7 and now there is an issue to make the form work.
    On the server logs, I have found this :

    [Sun Jan 20 17:41:59.476871 2019] [php7:error] [pid 19292] [client 92.xx.yy.69:43724]
    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function JsonFormBuilder_elementRadioGroup::__construct(),
    2 passed in /home/LSA/web/ on line 86
    and at least 3 expected in /home/LSA/web/
    Stack trace:\n#0 /home/LSA/web/ JsonFormBuilder_elementRadioGroup->__construct('nom_de_la_salle', 'Salle')
    #1 /home/LSA/web/ JsonFormBuilderFromJson->output()
    #2 /home/LSA/web/ include('/home/LSA/web/l...')
    #3 /home/LSA/web/ in /home/LSA/web/ on line 45, referer:

    It's look like radio element generate problem, but I'm not very competent to dig further.
    A little bit help will be helpfull smiley

    This question has been answered by Spheerys. See the first response.

    [ed. note: Spheerys last edited this post 1 month ago.]
    • discuss.answer
      The addon author made a change last year on GitHub :
      And this commit solved my issue smiley [ed. note: Spheerys last edited this post 1 month ago.]