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  • Hi,

    I use to be a web designer 7 years ago. So I created MODX websites using the first CMS system - Is that Evolution? - I get confused which one came first?

    I have been a full time Mum since then so not updated my MODX versions (I know!!) I now wish I had.

    So now I have lost 2 websites through being hacked this weekend. They were built about 8/9 years ago. My hosting company say their backup files are corrupted! And say I need to re-build from scratch! I haven't done this for 7 years so that's not going to happen.

    My question is: Years ago using Dreamweaver FTP I downloaded all my files (wwwroot folder) for both websites and I also went into MODX /manager online and clicked backup button to back up all my tables?? So if I have both the files via FTP and the old backup Modx files (from years ago so hopefully not hacked) can my websites be recovered?

    Thanks in advance! I really hope so.
    • If you have the files and an old backup, you may be able of restoring that. Try to start with the version that matches your backup, and when you have the content imported, start upgrading to the latest secure version before putting it on your server.

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      • As Mark has already mentioned - with the files and DB, you should be able to recover the site

        You may need an older PHP version to run it on though, as a lot has been deprecated since back then

        I presume the version you were / are running is in the 0.9.x range

        You can in theory update directly from 0.9.5 to 1.4.x (i've done it), it works, but you will have to update all of your plugins + snippets

        A lot of the snippets etc. that were per-default in the install, are either no-longer available, not supported or are no-longer in the downloadable installer - some of the older snippets are still available to download from the Extras GitHub

        Check this list for updating - it doesnt have the latest couple of versions, they can be downloaded directly from Github
        • Hi Mark and iusemodx,

          I have just seen your replies thank you very much for your help, cross fingers I can get them back up!.

          All the best.