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  • How To Remove MIGX Link From Top Menu In Admin Restricted CMP?

    I have created a MIGXdb site with a CMP and now I am restricting the access to the CMP so only the MIGXdb CMP data can be added, edited or deleted by the dedicated CMP editor.

    For the CMP editor, (their access to administrator is an edited Content Editor version in the Access Policy).

    For the CMP editor I have succeeded in removing (through the access policy) all the accessible editable content apart from the MIGX link in the Top Menu.

    This is how I just tried to remove the MIGX link:

    • open up the Top Menu
    • right click on MIGX
    • click on Update MIGX
    • add the word 'administrator' into permissions
    • save

    However this then stopped the CMP editor from being able to access the MIGXdb CMP (access denied)

    Does anyone know how I can remove the MIGX top menu link only for the CMP editor?

    They still need to have permission to update the MIGXdb CMP, I just don't want to risk leaving the MIGX menu link

    This question has been answered by jimmyjazz. See the first response.

    • discuss.answer
      I have now solved this issue by doing the following:

      • I de-installed MIGX and reinstalled it
      • When creating the MIGX menu I opted to place the MIGX link in the drop down (from top menu) menu item extras
      • Then using the Content Editor in Access Control Lists/Access Policies I unchecked the menu item for extras

      The result is that the CMP editor can now log in and edit without the risk of changing settings in MIGX

      Maybe there is a way of doing this without de-installing MIGX, someone maybe able to advise on that, but the above solved my problem