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  • So I have a list of articles using pdoResources like so:
        &tpl =`RecentNewsEventsTpl`
        &select = `{"modResource":"id,pagetitle,uri,parent,publishedon"}`
        &where=`{"template:IN":[33,34,29],"publishedon:>":"[[time? &input=`-6 month`]]"}`

    And is inserted like this:
    <section class="module-content_card_slider">
        <div class="row">
            <div class="header">
                <h4>Latest in [[*pagetitle]] [[!get6MonthesAgoTimestamp]]</h4>
            <div class="slider">

    The link_attributes field is a custom string identifying the subject that I'm viewing. Basically it's looking for any of these services in the database that's attributed to a specific subject.

    I also added to each item that the pdoResources is looking for, a TV called isFeatured. This is just a checkbox with Featured==1 as the only option. How should I amend what I have to only show items from this list that have isFeatured checked?

    I tried adding isFeatured==1 to tvFilters and isFeatured to the includeTVs parameter, but those didn't do anything.