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    Hi to everyone! It's a time to start my own website. I am a photographer and people can find me on social networks, but I would like to go one step further. I found some themes that I like but I need other opinion. What do you think about 3th and 5th theme from this list https://wpklik.com/wordpress-themes/photography-portfolio-wordpress-themes/?
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      Well its a start but please look into those options, in terms of what you will get for the money, that's not a cheap price necessarily.

      With Modx what you need is the html and css for the theme, along with any pictures. Not every theme will be easy to get going with Modx.

      For instance, any menu you need will need to be made in Modx, you couldn't just import one (at least not a dynamic one).

      You also may need to utilize bootstrap or another framework, so that the site will be adaptive to the user's device and screensize. That's not very tough but my point is the theme probably won't include that...hmm I might be wrong on this issue.

      You might want to look into themes for Modx, its much more likely you will be able to utilize it more directly than a random theme.

      Anyway just ask if you have more questions.
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        Also it occurs to me you will probably want to use MIGX or perhaps another tool to display your pictures, this also will only happen in Modx

        I just did a quick search and found this page, its similar in price and you may have an easier time of it


        and here, I really don't know but pls investigate a bit first