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  • Hello,

    I'm moving from Ditto to DocLister and I can't find the right syntax to the DocLister snippet private filter.
    I'd like to list only the documents in the ressource group that a logged in user has access to.

    For example :
    user eric is in users group group1
    group1 has access to ressource group res1

    doc1 is in res1
    doc2 is in res1
    doc3 is in res2

    I want to list only doc1 and doc2 for user eric and NOT doc3

    With Ditto, it seems that this was a kind default output.
    With DocLister, it seems that the &filters parameter needs to be used like &filters=`private:???:???:???` but I can't find documentation on private filter ...

    Can someone help me ?

    Thank you in advance


    This question has been answered by iusemodx. See the first response.

    • discuss.answer
      Hi Eric

      Please post your question in GitHub

      • Quote from: iusemodx at Dec 19, 2018, 10:14 AM
        Hi Eric

        Please post your question in GitHub


        Thank you very much, the answer is there !