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  • (Revolution 2.6.5: I'm using a page template with TVs) My page is supposed to show portraits in a columnar format (like a yearbook). My TVs fill the first row and then wrap into the second row, and so on. Ex.
    row1 col1 | row1 col2 | row1 col3 | row1 col4
    row2 col1 | row2 col2 | row2 col3 | row2 col4

    I originally had 7 portraits that filled columns 1-4 on row 1 and columns 1-3 on row 2. I had to remove a couple and add a new one. So, instead of the original 7, I now only have 5. The first four columns of row 1 are filled correctly but the fifth TV is being put into the space for row2 col4 and the preceding columns in row2 (col1-3) are blank. I can't figure out why it is skipping those columns.

    I thought it might have been that my menuindex numbers were off but I've updated those to the correct order and it didn't work. (Further investigation showed that it wasn't sorting by the menu index at all, but that's okay.) I've peeked at the css file and I don't see anything that stands out to me as something that would cause this, but I'm not a coder so I could easily be looking in the wrong place. Where should I be looking or can anyone suggest what might cause this issue?

    I am learning things as I go along so please explain in layman's terms. Any help is appreciated.
    • Hi,
      It's most likely to do with the image sizes not being equal with each other. Best thing to do would be use your browser's inspector to view the elements and find which bit is uneven.

      So, not exactly a MODX issue but more to do with HTML/CSS/images.

      Hope that helps!
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