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  • I have a media source setup to bring users directly to the img folder on my system. When applied it does take them to the right directory, but there are no thumbnails for the images to select are displayed. Attached is a screenshot of the media source settings and the issue. I am on ModxCloud. Thanks for any help you can give me!
    • What happens, if you fill the base_url with the same value as with the base_path?
      • Quote from: Jako at Nov 29, 2018, 09:10 PM
        What happens, if you fill the base_url with the same value as with the base_path?

        Same problem persists.
        • Ok so I applied the media source, then un-applied it and deleted it. I just put the tv 'pageHeaderImage' back to the default system media source. Now the whole thing is really messed up. Thumbnails now show, but if I go to select an image file, I end up with the whole path repeated in the output. I have never had this happen when switching media sources. I even did a Modx Cloud backup restore to before I even messed with media sources in the first place, and manually cleared the cache, and it STILL has the same problem. So I end up with:


          When it should be:

          I left out the path from the other page's TV input and just put the file name, eg cafe_header.jpg, and it works. But that is an issue for the business owner to select his own headers in the future.

                  <section class="module parallax parallax-1 d-none d-md-block d-lg-block" data-type="background" data-speed="10" style="height:350px;">
                    <div class="parallax-container">
                  <section style="max-height:350px;overflow:hidden;" class="d-sm-block d-md-none"> 
              		    <img src="[[*pageheaderImage]]" class="img-fluid" />

          • looks to me like you've got base_url in your header and then the image tool is prepending it again, I know that's not a lot of help tbh