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  • Hello everyone,

    I am building a web site which work fine.
    I have menu and submenu

    - maison de naissances
    -- quelques photos
    -- particularités
    -- coûts
    -- naissances

    When I click on "maison de naissances", a page with content is shown.
    When I click on a subpage of "maison de naissances", another page is shown.
    The problem is when the site is seen from a smartphone.
    I am using the library Slide Menu

    In a smartphone, when I click on "Maison de naissance", th page is not shown. The menu slides and show the child page and when I click on a child page, the content is shown.

    So in a smartphone, the parent link only slides to the child page, and the content is "hidden".

    My question, In a smartphone mode, can I told wayfinder to display the parent page above the child page, in the slide-menu?

    The best to understand my worries, visit the web site
    and clisk on the menu and subpage.
    Then reduce you navigator and do the same, you will quickly understand and may be you have a solution with Wayfinder (or other) to have the parent page displayed...

    Many thank for your help

    • I may have a solution,
      I created a innerTpl with the content
      <li>How to get parentl menu title and url HERE
      <a href="[[+wf.link]]">parent title</a>
      The things, I can not find yet, how to get the parent id and title

      It display well but without parent link smiley
      • parent id should be in your tree under resources, it will be the id number of that resource with the content you want to show and doesnt show now. unless this is a 'first child' type of issue, its possible to make the first child special.

        basically I think this content will be in your header area of the template you are using. Could you show that to us, it could be right in the code (as for what shows when), at least possibly. otherwise you can find the number the tool is using for the parent in the tool itself, like a pdoTools call with several variables.

        for your innertpl, that might fix some default behavior, try [[+wf.title]] and [[+wf.link]] will get you the link if the tool is looking in the right parent for the subfolders.

        you don't put the parent id in the innerTPL, only in the call made to the tool (like a snippet)