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  • Hello There

    I just installed Gallery and I am dowloading images.
    I ma working with a host provide and I always have to deal with folder permission. The images are not downloaded even if I change the fodler permission.
    In order to be sure, I have a doubt about the folders where are downlaoded the images

    Is /componment/gallery/images?

    The folder componment and gallery and images must be 777 or is enough that images is 777?

    Thank a lot
    • Personally I'd avoid setting anything to 777. Typically I'd have folders set to 775 and files set to 664.
      Depending on how your server is set up, it could even be 755 and 644.

      As for Gallery, sorry I'm not sure. That's quite an old extra and I haven't used it in a long time.
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        Check out the MODX tutorial series on my blog at https://www.hkwebdeveloper.com
      • downloads should go to download folder or possibly a new folder in downloads

        the button is firing but no result, you should be able to see in the browser whether its downloading or not

        any error message?