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    Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has come across the same issue as a client of mine is having. They have been using the MODX Manager for a while now and all of a sudden this week it has started running very slowly for them. They use a PC with Windows 10 and have checked the issue in Chrome, Firefox and IE. All are painfully slow.

    If they log onto the MODX manager using a mac in the same office, it is working quickly as expected.

    MODX is fully up to date (version 2.6.5). Thank you very much.
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      What server are you running?

      I had a significant slowdown with XAMPP on Windows. I upgraded XAMPP (which came with PHP 7) and cleaned things up with System Mechanic and got a substantial speed increase.

      Repairing/optimizing all DB tables and manually clearing all files in the core/cache directory can help.

      Another possibility is having multiple virus, adware, and firewall programs running at the same time.

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