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  • Hello !!

    I am trying to use WayFnder to list the child resoucres of a resource.
    The goal is to list Frequent question. The resource is 21 is the FAQ resource and the child resources are the question.

    For this, I past the following code in my parent resource:
    [[!Wayfinder? &startId=`21` &sortBy=`publishedon` &sortOrder=`ASC` &outerTpl=`outerTplFAQ` &rowTpl=`rowTplFAQ` &level=`3` &hideSubMenus=`0` &hereClass]]

    And I created two chuncks
    <div class="faq">


    All works fine excepted that I want to display the content of the child resource as it's the content of the question.
    As [+wf.description]] works, I tried [[+wf.content]], but apparently, it's not an existing placeholder.

    How would you suggest me to display the content of the FAQ below the title of the same FAQ?

    many thank for your help!
    • I searched a bit and found this thread, its old but probably is still fine, given Modx's stability


      Here's the code from that thread

      [[getResourceField? &id=`[[+id]]` &field=`content`]]

      my initial reaction was that Wayfinder doesn't get the contents, just the links. According to the thread I found that's right, getResources does what you need, or another extra could too