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  • I have a couple dozen MODX sites running at any one time and many of them feature hundreds of static resource downloads. One of these sites is doing something I've never seen before and have no idea how to fix. Static resources that are correctly configured with proper MIME type, suffix, and disposition are downloading as blank/empty files. What makes it extra weird is that I can copy an existing static resource, changes the file attachement and the name, and it will work fine. But if I create a new static resource with the EXACT same settings I get a blank file on download. Weirder still, if I create the same static resource inside a different parent it will sometimes work. What the what? Seems to happen most often with .doc, .docx, and .zip files, but it's not consistent. Sometimes if I create the resource and use a slightly different alias it will work. Encoding problem? Any ideas where to even start diagnosing this? So freakin weird! (2.6.5, PHP 7.1, MODXCloud).

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