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  • Hey there,

    I'm setting up a fresh MODX installation and now I stumbled upon my PHP settings:

    1. Which PHP-Version is recommended?
    I'm thinking the newer the better, so my guess was going vor PHP 7.2.9. Do I miss something here?

    2. Which PHP-handler to choose? FPM or FastCGI?
    I've searched around but there seemed to be different opinions on this so I wanted to ask for MODX specifically.

    Thanks alot!
    • Newer is always better, I don't think you could get ahead of the team

      I have no ideas on php handlers, did you find any opinions at all?
      • Quote from: nuan88 at Sep 19, 2018, 03:50 PM
        I have no ideas on php handlers, did you find any opinions at all?

        Well, it looks like FPM would have better performance but some people argue about security issues and no active support. Not really sure as it seems to be like a "Windows or Mac?"-debate. Haven't found something in regards to MODX though.

        Therefore I was hoping that someone here would know some insights on the performance for MODX or other helpful hints regarding this decision.

        For now I've decided to go for FPM and it looks like it all works fine. Not sure if I would even notice a difference though.
        • Yeah as far as php goes, if there is a newer one they are working on any compatibility issues I would think from the beginning.

          For something like the FPM, I think users will try it out and log issues if they find any issue.

          php seems to rarely break Modx, knock on wood lol.