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  • I just upgraded from MODx v2.2.9 to v2.6.5, everything seemed to migrate without major issue. Except I have FormZ installed (Requires FormIt + FormIt Fast Pack). I updated all these plugins.

    My forms seem to be working in that they produce errors and properly redirect after submission, but the notification e-mail is not being sent to admin. I do have one standard FormIt form on my contact page, this form works perfectly but uses a call on the contact page. Another words the form that is working does not use Formz. As far as my other 2 forms that use FormZ, they are not sending an admin e-mail after submission, which is my issue.

    Here is on of my forms that is not sending the e-mail:

    I have been looking in Chunks and Snippets but don't know why its not sending the admin e-mail. Perhaps the upgrade removed coding out of one of the chunks or snippets? Any ideas what I can check?
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    • I have it working with MODX 2.6.5, but I had problems with PHP above 5.6
      The extra is not maintained anymore, but modmore/sterc Extra Formalicious could be a valid replacement.
      • Dayton Web Design Reply #3, 6 months, 1 week ago
        It looks like this is the only option for easier forms, I certainly don't want to manually configure Formit for the 2 other forms that have multiple options. This program is working on my site now and is very similar interface as FormZ. Paid option it is. Thank you for your help.
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