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  • I have a problem with getResources and sortby pagetitle.

    [[!getResources? &parents=`[[*id]]` &tpl=`myRow` &limit=`0` &sortby=`{"pagetitle":"ASC"}` ]]

    The problem is that the norwegian characters æ, ø, å is not sorted correctly (in the alphabet they come after Z: x, y, z, æ, ø, å).

    As it is now the Ø is coming after the O and å is coming after a (instead of coming last).

    I'm using MODx Cloud and the collation of the database is utf8_unicode_ci.

    Thank you.
    • I figured it out, the solution was to add 'binary' to the sortby, like this:
      [[!getResources? &parents=`[[*id]]` &tpl=`myRow` &limit=`0` &sortby=`{"binary pagetitle":"ASC"}` ]]