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  • Hello, all. I upgraded to MODX 2.6.5 after being hacked and then reinstalled after being hacked again. I uninstalled and reinstalled all components including Ace 1.6.5 and CKEditor 1.4.0. The manager is not utilizing the rich text editor anywhere. I did go to settings and reset the setting to enable RTE. I tried setting the editor to Ace, then CKEditor. Nothing seems to get the Manager to use a RTE since my upgrade and reinstallation. I also restored my pre-reinstallation database but that did not help. What am missing? Thanks.
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    • Hmm . . . I'm noticing that many of the files from the packages I uninstalled and then installed are missing, e.g., the javascipt files in assets/components/... That has me a little concerned and I'm manually installing these files from backup. Why would uninstalling and reinstalling these packages leave these files missing?
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      • Hi

        Same issue i have, But unfortunately i have no back, what should i do? all things are working except editor there is no editor in manager for editing. If you can help me it will great.