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  • i have a website that i payed to have made but ever i have never had the contact form to work , it all works fine and people can fill in form and they can send the form and the site states that the form has been delivered but i never receive the form in my email.

    can any one help i do have access to the manager/ admin panel to update site but cant find anywhere on their to check how the form works and where it is sending completed contact forms.

    help needed please
    • Are you able to view the MODX error log via: Manage => Reports => Error Log

      Also, can view the page content field that has the contact form within the MODX manager?
      • ^^ Have your website ever been hacked? If the domain was blacklisted it might prevent email from being sent.
        That said, check the error logs. If your site is in a shared hosting, send the company a ticket - some weird hosting companies has features disabled by default when it comes to email, user sessions, etc.
        What form plugin are you using?
        • Two ideas:

          1. Try the QuickEmail snippet in debug mode to see if the mail system is working. It may tell you what's wrong.

          2. If QuickEmail says the mail is working, and you just need a simple contact form, try SPForm.

          There are a lot of ways to go wrong when sending email. Often, the from address needs to be a user that's authorized to send email from your site.
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          • Hi,

            Is this still an issue for you? If so, may be the problem is in what Form Builder you use?
            Try out another one: https://elfsight.com/online-form-builder. It's very easy to add form Builder to the site and then use. All data you will receive by email.

            Hope it helps.