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  • Hi,

    I want to upgrade my site from 2.2.14 ro 2.6.5 without loosing data from database, I have installed new version of 2.6.5 but when i connect with old database with new version it wont works properly even i cannot login into manager.

    Can anyone tell me that how i can upgrade current database to 2.6.5 compatible version?

    Thanks in advance
    • Hi Mujtaba Ahmad,

      Yes, this isn't quite easy process, the same doing for the client.
      Well, I see the next way: you should update your MODX step by step by intermediate releases where principal updates were added. So it can be: 2.2.14-> 2.3.2-> 2.4.0->2.5.0->2.6.0-> 2.6.5

      Are you going to do it manually or using BobRay's UpgradeMODX component? I'm not 100% sure it supports all these releases(only some recent ones) now but somewhere on forum I saw Bob's message it can be possible soon.
        Anton Tarasov
        MODX Developer

        Email: contact@antontarasov.com
        Web: antontarasov.com
      • Hi Anton Tarasov,

        Thanks for replying against my question, actually due to CMS script attack my current modx has many issues, that why manager is blank for now. i cannot upgrade from CMS, i have to to do manually something

        • Mujtaba, before you do any upgrades, you need to completely clean the site (or better -- delete all the files and empty the DB tables, then restore a backup from before the hack).
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