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    [Newbie question -please be patient and explain in simple terms.]
    Website was built 3 years ago on Revolution ver. 2.4.0 and has never been upgraded.
    Site was definitely hacked and the marketing firm that built and maintains it is recommending that we move to a new platform ($$$) rather than just upgrade to the newest version. I would like to upgrade but am concerned about the possibility that there may be elements on our site that don't work after being upgraded. But my question is this -do I have to have the hack issues fixed before upgrading or will upgrading fix the issues?

    I don't exactly know how to explain what's happening with the hack but the menu, footer, and page contents on certain pages reverts back to old version (I changed things over the last year). Problem is, when I look at my templates and the chunks for the affected pages, everything looks correct and is the new information. So, there is code somewhere else that is overriding only certain pages and elements. If I upgrade, will those issues still be there?

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      You do have to fix or reinstall from a back up and then upgrade. Don't forget to also upgrade Gallery snippet if it is installed.

      Read this...

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        Thank you for the quick response! Much appreciated.