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  • HI, I tried starting ro upgrade my site. But for some reason i can not login. It will give me a message:

    You have been blocked from the manager by an administrator. (I tried several times)

    As i am the only administrator, this sounds very confusing. What can i do?

    • Hi, I tried resetting the password but it does not login in anyways. No error message no nothing.
      • Hi, One more detail. If i login with a wrong password it will give me a notice that my password or username is incorrect. When i set in the new password generated by modx it will just redirect me back to login page without any errors.

        I hope someone has some ideas what to do next.

        • Quote from: ilardo at Jul 23, 2018, 03:15 PM
          When i set in the new password generated by modx it will just redirect me back to login page without any errors.

          Reloading without an error suggests an issue in the session configuration or the session table having crashed.

          Try looking in your error log (core/cache/logs/error.log) for any mysql errors that suggest the session table crashed. If so, use your database management tool or contact your host to repair the table.

          If it's not a crashed table, open the browser dev tools before trying to login, enter your details, and look at the requests that happen. You should see a POST with a Set-Cookie response header before it redirects to /manager/. Few things to check for:

          - Make sure the POST is not redirected to www/non-www or https/http which would cause it to drop the POST data. Probably not the case as you can see an error with invalid credentials.
          - In the Set-Cookie header, look for the path and domain it sets it to. Usually, that's / and your current domain.
          - In the Set-Cookie header, see if it has the Secure flag. If it does, make sure you're on HTTPS.
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          • Hi,

            Have not noticed that you had answered. Thanks. For some reason when i got home i could login to manager directly. I do not know if there is somewhere some country restriction or something.