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  • Quote from: nuan88 at Jul 03, 2018, 12:17 PM

    Do you think you would have a Brazil section with subpages and other contents? Or just a Brazil page with pretty much all the Brazil stuff all there?

    More than 20 countries. For example all of Latin/South America, + some Europe + some of what are called "Ancient Coins". These include the pre-Roman civilizations like Ionian Greece, Persia, the Sea Peoples, ancient Israel, etc; Civs existing at the same time as the Romans, like Carthage & Egypt, + the Roman Republic + Empire. These can't be sorted by country as they include cities, kingdoms, and empires. I was thinking of using a historical time slider.

    On Brazil alone, there are 3 or 4 major divisions. If you think of web pages these would fill 3 pages each about 20" long by the usual 8.5" wide. For most of it's life Brazil was a colony of Portugal: this is the colonial era, 1694* - 1816/1822. Then Brazil existed as an Independent Empire from 1822-1889 when the Republic was Declared. The Brazilian Republic dates from 1889 - present. I show coinage dating from 1696 but am open to others sending in contributing photos which we can research historically. There were also 2 small civil wars; one called the Constitutionalist War of 1932, which made coins. Since this deals with really the economic history note that Brazil is on it's 9th currency: the rest having hyperinflated. A lot of this stuff you can't even find on Wikipeadia and few of the coins are shown.

    All of the country pages have sub-pages which are html pages that hold the larger format pix and possibly animations. You click on a small pix in one of the Table cells to go there. I use the html id or name function to return to the orig place in the table.

    Overall the site is an informational only site. However, it uses a huge # of very similar pix like an 1816-R silver dollar, an 1816-M silverdollar, etc; this is where WordPress with it's "sort pictures by thumbnail" proved to be totally hopeless. I don't sell stuff; thus it makes no profit so I want to control consultant costs. Also I hide my identity on the site as I don't want robbers thinking I have coins at home looking me up. That's why I didn't mention the url previously.

    *Brazil dates from not 1694 but 1500, however, the regular mint started in 1694. [ed. note: julius nepos last edited this post 3 years, 3 months ago.]
    • Do you need multiple pages for a country, or is the number of subpages based only on the large number of pictures? If you had a tool that picked up *all the pics and offered them in a grid, say for Brazil, and provided them (with its own little paging system perhaps), would that be ok? You could add some amount of text to the pic as well, and it displays in a lightbox spanning across the screen.

      Hmm lets think about your tree



      period 1,2,3?

      another division of information?

      Basically I think you may not want individual pages for all of them, it would get too much.

      Maybe the best question is, what information do you wish to connect with those pictures? Can that info be simplified a bit and reduced into a smallish form?

      Or, perhaps you would have a page with say 10-15 pictures attached? Also a possible solution. Sometimes our divisions are more for convenience than any deeper necessity
      • FYI, an earlier poster mentioned putting this tag in the template to display the page's content:


        That's not quite right, and wouldn't display anything. The correct tag is:


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        • Ah thanks BobRay. I always forget the notation. I should have checked one of my templates to be sure
          • Quote from: nuan88 at Jul 04, 2018, 12:31 AM
            Do you need multiple pages for a country,

            Hi & thanks for the continued interest. I plan to install a theme as there's a 7 in 1 theme I saw adapted to Modx. Years ago I had purchased a theme: themeforest-18737152-history-museum-exhibition-wordpress-theme from Envatio. I think this one is too complex to be adapted to modx and perhaps unnecessary. The purpose in a theme is in getting the navigation bar to work. Not a plain text menu which I can do in html, but a nice polished one with the buttons and sliders & such. I need one horizontal bar across the top and two vertical bars on the left side.

            I only mentioned Brazil as that is the country which we tried to get working under my developer. I can use help getting the stuff working in modx. However, I know my subject and which content should and should not be displayed.
            • Ok great Julius, the first step in some sense is getting that first template up and working, maybe customize a bit where you can see what you are doing.

              I totally know what you mean, when you can't get something going its such a struggle and you don't know whether to chuck it all and try something else haha. Its frustrating but you learn a lot that way.

              So, grab some bits of code and get something working! Then you can think more about what structure you will need.
              • Quote from: nuan88 at Jul 05, 2018, 09:26 AM
                Ah thanks BobRay. I always forget the notation. I should have checked one of my templates to be sure

                I used to get that wrong too, and I still get confused when referring to the class key field. wink

                That's why I created this: https://bobsguides.com/modx-object-quick-reference.html#modResource. What goes in the tag is always a field name from the DB and they're all listed on that page. I still consult it regularly.
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