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    I don't understand why "paid" notifications are always in english.
    "New order" email are in the right context (url, culturekey etc.)
    But it is not the case for "paid" status.

    here is the code part in minishop2.class.php which detect context settings :
                /** @var modContext $context */
                if ($context = $this->modx->getObject('modContext', array('key' => $order->get('context')))) {
                    // le ctx lang n'est pas correct pour PAID
                    $lang = $context->getOption('cultureKey');
                    $this->modx->setOption('cultureKey', $lang);
                    $this->modx->lexicon->load($lang . ':minishop2:default', $lang . ':minishop2:cart');

    It's the same problem with "sent" status.

    In tpl.msEmail.paid.user Fenom chunk,

    always return "web"

    Any idea ? [ed. note: johnxx last edited this post 5 years, 9 months ago.]
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