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  • I'm developing some sort of a blog/community and want to have user presentation pages. Currently I use the Login, ClassExtender, Quip, NewsPublisher and Tagger extras to name a few. Suppose I want to have a structure


    possibly with subdirectories for listing personal resources. Then I need some way of catching requests and directing them to the same snippet. One solution I have seen in MODX is Tagger plugging in to the OnHandleRequest event. But doesn't that add a penalty to every request that MODX handles? An alternative would be to do the routing in Nginx/Apache, which would mean a minuscular overhead on every other request too. I've seen it in Discuss. Any other options? What would you do? Tagger obviously made its choice, but is it optimal for someone used to configuring the web server? And Discuss is mostly an attempt to port SimpleMachine and doesn't interface well with MODX.

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      I went with the Nginx solution since it was pretty much a oneliner

              location @modx-rewrite {
                      rewrite ^/user/([0-9]+)/$ /index.php?q=user/&userid=$1 last;
                      rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php?q=$1 last;
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