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    I installed ClassExtender (developed by BobRay) roughly a year or more ago as a way to extend user fields more efficiently than MODX's extended profile fields. It has been super useful and has sped up quite a bit of development.

    Now I would like to add some additional fields without dropping the table, losing any data, and starting over.
    • Is ClassExtender able to add the new column?
    • Or should I manually create the new column in the DB, adjust the 'MyExtUserSchema' schema file, and then run the ClassExtender snippet after?

    Thank you for your help!

    This question has been answered by patrickappelman. See the first response.

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      The second option I mentioned seems to be working!

      1. Manually create the desired column in the database
      2. Update schema in chunk 'MyExtUserSchema' to include new column
      3. Run the 'ClassExtender' snippet again

      Hope this helps someone!
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        I'm glad you got it sorted. FYI, I think ClassExtender would have modified the schema for you, so you could have skipped step 2.
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