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Answered Success Message

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  • Revo 2.6.3

    What's the trick to getting the Update Profile form to display a success message? I can't get anything to render. It seems the message configuration is different from say, FormIt.

    This question has been answered by nuan88. See the first response.

    • Should just be this placeholder and it'll auto reload and display upon update success.

      [[+login.update_success:is=`1`:then=`[[%login.profile_updated? &namespace=`login` &topic=`updateprofile`]]`]]
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      • Hi LK,

        That's what I thought too, but I've had that code in there all along and it's never once displayed any message. Then I thought perhaps there was a "success" property for the UpdateProfile snippet but it seems not, at least as far as I can tell.
        • discuss.answer
          <h1>Update Profile</h1>
                  <br class="clear" />
          <div class="update-profile">
              <div class="updprof-error">[[+error.message]]</div>
          [[+login.update_success:is=`1`:then=`[[%login.profile_updated? &namespace=`login` &topic=`updateprofile`]]`]]

          and that shows right at this place in the form, in red strangely. The part after the "then" is getting a text string that is in Modx system settings under "login". Make sure it isn't blank possibly, if so you wouldn't see anything when it was printed probably

          Register and login can redirect, wonder if updateprofile can, would think so, can we alter this little code to redirect instead of printing the text? or maybe it would be a variable we can put in the snippet...not sure how

          I really wonder if some of the options available on login would be in updateprofile, like redirectTo [ed. note: nuan88 last edited this post 3 years, 2 months ago.]
          • Thanks @nuan88, that did the trick.

            For some reason my code was missing,
            <div class="update-profile">
                <div class="updprof-error">[[+error.message]]</div>
            • Ah great!