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    Hi - I am using a TV with resourcelist Input type to allow CMS user to specify a resource - I then want to take that resourcelist ID and get the pagetitle for it and also a TV that the resource will use - lets call it [[*socialImage]].

    I need the [[+pagetitle]] and [[*socialImage]] to be rendered in a chunk where I pass the resourcelist resource ID...

    Any ideas how to achieve this?



    This question has been answered by dubbs. See the first response.

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      Got this working using getResourceField extra - so

      get 'pagetitle' attribute for the TV: [[*RelatedPost]]:

      [[getResourceField? &id=`[[*RelatedPost]]` &field=`pagetitle` ]]

      get 'socialImage' TV attribute for the TV: [[*RelatedPost]]:

      [[getResourceField? &id=`[[*RelatedPost]]` &field=`socialImage` &processTV=`1` &isTV=`1` ]]
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        fastField is the solution!

          FerX - Developer at Eracom s.r.l.